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Isim looks for customer satisfaction through: professionalism, transparecy and a close and direct work environtment.


‘Management of opportunities, purchase, sale or rental of real estate efficiently’ ‘Seriousness, honesty, responsibility’ Performances on request. Prospecting of Networks and Contacts for the promotion of commercial projects for the CLIENT.


Analysis of investment and divestment of assets, whether these assets are individual, movable or immovable, and investment portfolios to be valued. We always actively and personally seek .

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Valle Romano Residences

A magnificent investment real estate product. Enjoy apartments from 97,000 euros and 5% guaranteed.

If you don’t know yet […] it’s time for you to begin to make profit flor your new property in Costa del Sol. A property located in a 4* hotel where you can enjoy your holidays when you want. And the rest of the year? ONA Condhotel (an ONA Corporation member, that is a management group firm), manages your property to assure you your guaranteed economic return.

An investment that offers you all the convenience of a fully-equipped, high-quality holiday apartment with all the services of a hotel, giving you guaranteed income the rest of the year by assigning the management of your properly to a specialised group, free of maintenance and utility expenses.

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